We Are Duncansdoodles Highly Acclaimed 

Council Registered 

Dog Breeders

We are proud to say we are council registered and believe me we have to be up on our ‘A’ game to pass their stringent criteria. 

 We always endeavour to produce and nurture the healthiest puppies from the healthiest Parents.

All parents are health screened and also we pick them on their temperament to make wonderful and loving family pets for you to share your life with.

We think the proof of the pudding is in seeing the beautiful puppies our girls and boys produce and the smiles the little ones put on people’s face, not only when they pick them up - but for the rest of their lives!!

People ask us - what do we need to tell you about us - ‘we have a big house and a large garden’ - but the main things I want from a Duncansdoodles Parent is that they dedicate the next (up to) 15 years of their lives to this amazing miracle of life and I don’t mind if you live in a castle or caravan as long as you love them as much as we do and care for them for the rest of Their lives because they deserve it.

More Information about us

Hello, and welcome to Duncansdoodles- Let us tell you how it all began…

11 years ago in in 2010 we set up ‘Kerri’s Kamp K9’ Which was a Doggie Daycare (I say was as Covid stopped that)

During our time doing this a friend of ours offered us her GoldenDoodle in order to breed with her and have a litter of puppies - this beautiful girl is still with us and is called Ruby, the very first Duncansdoodle (to be born here) was her Daughter - Tinkerbell - We then Bought Dori (I see a theme appearing here! ) once old enough Dori then had a litter and we kept Cinderella (although she has always been called Dinky by everyone, because she was Dinky)- she was our first Miniature GoldenDoodle…. and the rest as they say is history!!

Photo is Ruby enjoying retirement on the Right and Tinkerbell who is also retired now on the left.

We have lots more photos on facebook and instagram

Duncansdoodles @kamp K9

Meet our Super Studs


Chief Stud 

Micki is rising 6 now which is why we have bought the other guys in.

Although he doesn’t think he should retire at all. He is Dad to many of our girls we have now at DD and indeed Grandad to a lot too.

He is 14’ high and yes he is a miniature Poodle!

Lots of people think he’s a doodle but that is just how we have him groomed.


This is Kaspar - we call him Prince Kaspian ( from the LWW)

He is 19’ to the shoulder and is a very handsome boy and has produce some amazing puppies.

He is also offered to stud if the right ladies come along


 Seb is our smallest Stud (at the moment)

He stands at 11” high but what he lacks in height he’s got in character he’s a lovely wee man.

He too is proven and has just sired 10 puppies with Jasmine.

He carries the Merle Gene (which he has been tested for) and has produced a Merle Cockerpoo with a lady who came a calling!

Nemo - (son of Micki

This is Nemo - Son of Micki and Ruby - he is an F2b GoldenDoodle and has a lovely temperament and loves being around the children.

He too is offered for stud if the right lady comes along for him.

He has had several litters with us so is proven and has all the relevant health tests.

Image to come


Don’t Forget we’re dog Trainers too, Concept trainers - we train through Games 

So if you’re buying a puppy from us you are safe in knowing we can help you with your continued development between you and your puppy.

If you love to train - it’s more fun with a Game!!