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Here at Duncansdoodles we started by breeding Standard GoldenDoodles then people asked us if they could get the same dog but smaller…Which is when we introduced miniature GoldenDoodles.

A couple of years ago some people asked us if we bred Cockerpoo’s and at the time we didn’t so we thought about it and this year for the first time we introduced Cockerpoo’s and because people have asked for a even smaller pup we have introduced Cavapoo’s to our list also.

You are welcome to come and visit and ordinarily we had an open door policy but with things the way they are at the moment we ask if you can phone/message ahead to see if it is convenient  to come and look or visit your puppy.

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

Rodger A Caras

We have puppies for sale at the moment, we have Miniature Goldendoodle’s, Cockapoo’s and 1 Cavapoo Girl available. 

You can take a look at our FB for up to date photos.


We have been blessed with 2  litters this month - 

1. Minnie and Nemo had 5 beautiful girls 4 black and 1 golden - these are F2’s (both parents are GoldenDoodles)

There are black girls available and will be ready to leave - 16/17th October 

2. Jazz And Sebastian an amazing litter of 10! 

A mixture of boys and girls are still a available and will be ready to leave 23rd Oct 

Please check out our Facebook page for more up to date info and photos - you can also message us through there too

Duncansdoodles @ Kamp k9

The Kamp k9 is important as there is an American Duncansdoodles and may be to far to travel to!!

Selection of Puppies that we have available at the moment

Please contact us if you see any of these guys that you LIke?


These are Roo and Kaspar’s first litter 3 beautiful chocolate Cockerpoo’s

We have a boy and a girl available in this litter.

They are ready to leave 16/17 Oct 

All Roo’s puppies have now all gone to new homes.


These are Tiana and Alfies puppies 

Mam is a poodle and dad is a cavalier King Charles spaniel 

These are ready to leave on the 5th of November 

All our Cavapoo’s have all been spoken for now.

Health Tested

We are passionate  about rearing the most healthy puppies that we can therefore ALL our Dams & Sires (Mams & Dads) are health tested for breed specific tests 

Puppies are vet checked at 7 weeks where we will give the first injection of either L2 or L4 depending what strain your vet uses.

All puppies will be microchipped and will have 4 weeks free insurance, they also come with a goody bag with their name on if you’ve chosen one which will include:

Blanket - rubbed on mam

1 bag of puppy food

5 generation line 

Birth Certificate




A Bottle of water 

You also are then permitted to join our exclusive Duncansdoodle Parents group where you will find other siblings and relations to your puppy, and their pawrents who have a wealthy of knowledges of how they made the transition from our home to theirs.

Plus we 100% guarantee you will have our help and support for life!